Spycatcher by Matthew Dunn

In this age of rampant terrorism, most of us have no idea what happens while we go about our lives that prevents acts of terrible destruction from occurring. Spycatcher gives us a glimpse into the world of security agencies such as CIA, MI6, FBI, Homeland Security and other European counterparts.

by Matthew Dunn
William Morrow
August 2011

Will Cochran is a man with extraordinary skills and a mindset that is very useful to MI6 as he skillfully follows and unravels a devious plot to wreck havoc on thousands of unsuspecting civilians. The clues are tenuous at best, and he must get inside the mind of an as yet unknown individual to figure out and stop the attack.

The plot is fast paced and difficult to put down as he travels from New York to Europe and back again with a team of exceptional CIA operatives specially picked to assist him. There is a strong human quality to the team as they work together as a unit and form a bond trying to keep each other alive while tracking down ruthless killers on a path of destruction. The ending will both surprise and possibly disappoint you but definitely worth the journey.

Retha Woods is an avid reader of mystery and historical novels. Hobbies include quilting, making sourdough bread and handmade baskets.

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.

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