Restorer: Expanded Edition by Sharon Hinck

Susan Mitchell is an average soccer mom just trying to catch her breath when she takes a private moment in her secret place – an attic getaway prepared by her husband – when she accidentally triggers a portal to a different world. A world where the inhabitants believe she is the promised Redeemer!

Restorer: Expanded Edition
The Sword of Lyric #1
by Sharon Hinck
Marcher Lord Press
October 2011

Susan quickly finds herself in a struggle between good and evil while trying to understand and adapt to a strange new world and culture. There is one thing that isn’t totally foreign though: the people of this new world follow the same Lord she does. This connect point helps her to accept her role as Redeemer and gives her courage to face the onslaught of the evil without and within.

What I loved most about this book was that it touched me emotionally and spiritually – something I’ve not encountered in fantasy previously. I’m not a soccer mom, but I struggle with some of the same issues that Susan is faced with. Particularly, I found profound insight in the struggles against the Rhusicans, which I find I struggle with in the real world with the real world counterpart to the Rhusicans. The way those words of doubt got inside and twisted the characters minds, overwhelming them with doubt is a lesson I’ve kept with me. The Restorer is thick with symbolism and Biblical truth, wrapped in fantasy!

This series was originally published starting in 2007, but this new edition is Expanded. The Expanded edition includes songs (with music) inspired by and featured in the story, links to recipes of food featured in the story, bonus short stories featuring the view point of various characters from the story from a first person perspective giving valuable insight into some of the lesser developed characters as well as the main characters, and most importantly a 22 page “devotion guide” with guided questions for the reader to work through each chapter as a devotional.

I’m a huge fan of Marcher Lord Press because they seem to be the lone publisher of Christian speculative science fiction (like the excellent Eternity Falls and The Tenth Crusader) and was interested to see what kind of fantasy they published and after reading this book I recognize two things about this publisher: 1) They are unabashedly Christian-focused without being simple or smug and 2) they do a terrific job of finding excellent writers who more than hold their own against their secular counterparts regardless of genre. If you’re a fan of fantasy or science fiction and you haven’t read a Marcher Lord title you are missing out.

I loved this book and highly recommend it. The second title in this series, The Restorer’s Son: Expanded Edition, was released in April 2012 and should be on your short list. While the original series – sans expanded content – was published previously and you could pick up those versions, I recommend you wait for the new Expanded versions as they add so much value to your purchase.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.