The Humming Room by Ellen Potter

A haunting story about a young orphaned girl, secrets and a mysterious house with a secret garden.

The Humming Room
By Ellen Potter
Feiwel & Friends
February 2012

Roo Fanshaw has recently become an orphan – her parents were murdered. Her secret hiding place under the trailer is the only thing that saved her life. After living in several foster homes, she is sent to live with her Uncle. a man she has never met on Couch Rock Island. The island got its name because it was once the home of a children’s hospital where all the patients has TB. Couch Rock is not a place where you would expect to find a young girl clambering among the rocks along the shoreline. Roo, however, doesn’t mind the solitude. She is more at home with the mice and flowers than she is with people. Her uncle is a very reclusive person – he is gone most of the time for which Roo is grateful. She is petrified of the man.

At 12, Roo may be small for her age,, but her fiercely independent spirit makes up for her lack of inches. There is something unnatural about Couch Rock Island. The air is dead – as if all the living smells had been deliberately scoured away. She finds the air filled with strict rules and secrets. The east wind of the house is strictly forbidden to her. She hears humming and a girl crying which is coming from the old girl’s dormitory, but there is no one there. She really must find a way to get into that part of the house. Who is that unusual wild boy floating down the river? The locals call him “The Faigne” – ghost, sea person, fairy.

While her uncle is away, Roo goes exploring. What she finds will blow your mind. A small boy, locked away from the world, a secret garden and secrets that have long been sealed within the walls of the old children’s hospital – her new home.

Recommended for children ten years of age or older. Ms. Potter spins a tale of intrigue and mystery that will keep your turning pages – eager for what comes next. I liked the book – it is something children will thoroughly enjoy.

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, describes herself as “An 80 year old avid reader reviews the newest in Christian fiction and non-fiction with a sprinkle of the secular on top.”.

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.